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Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Misko

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Misko from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

So finally a touch late due to technical problems here is Misko, bringing his styles to the canals and subways of Birmingham.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Agro

The last 1 for 2013, Agro took us to another ex RAF ammo storage base,

A bit of a late upload with this one due to Christmas and various other things that take up our time but this actually was the last of 2013 showcasing Agro the style master from Peterborough…

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Jobs DFN

<p><a href=”″>Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Jobs DFN</a> from <a href=””>Keyseventeen</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

So we traveled to London to Noir’s book launch at Brick Lane and bumped into Jobs DFN to do a chrome edition. It was one of those nights where everything around got written on plenty of beer and damage all over the place, 100′s of writers and an appearance of Wisher at the very beginning.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Khoi & Elves AG

Key seventeen Chrome Edition x Khoi & Elvs AG

This week we bring you Khoi and Elves, they took us to a ex ammunition storage tunnel deep underground for a chilled ambient video.

Key seventeen chrome edition x Khoi & Elvs AG from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Dior

This week Dior took us to a part demolished shopping centre right on the edge of the city then started showing off in front his destruction on his skateboard.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Dior IYD from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Ceos NFA

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Ceos NFA from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

This weeks video if by Ceos. After 2 corrupt memory cards we managed to scrape this video together with the footage that was left, unfortunately you will never get to see how angry the shop keeper was when he found him painting the 3rd shutter in a row or how unhappy the security guard was when he saw a bag getting filed with paint.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Noir ATS

To celebrate Noir’s new book release we caught up with the man himself.

No introduction needed really, one of the co-founders of Addicted To Steel Crew the name speaks for itself. Rated one of the top 3 on the BTP wanted list (Arguably number 1) for years after years hitting the system hard, eventually taking a brief holiday inside Her Majesties Pleasure and rising to international fame hitting the tabloids and news across the UK.

Now released and a free man Noir has a book due to be released early December which what I’ve been informed, it’s page to page full of the stories and adventures he’s accumulated over the years and years of being Addicted To Steel…

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Noir ATS from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X QBert

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X QBert from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

A Manchester Vibe hooking up with QBert, under a railway bridge. The talented style writer took his hand to a can of chrome for the first time in a while to bring some killer letters to a grimey dumping ground and traveller site.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Epor

We caught up with Epor, a writer that took us to the view of the city. Painting a derelict hut in the countryside this video was a chilled out one with eventually the sun coming out.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Epor from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Super & Orale XT

Super and Orale have quite quickly been rising to fame for the sheer amount of damage they have created this year. The first episode to introduce two writers together featuring two of the midlands busiest writers 2013 has seen!

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Super & Orale XT from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Oik

For this week/ week three, we caught up with Oik in Bristol. Swerving the usual smack needles and skag heads, Oik brought us some hard letters in a hard neighbourhood.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Tizer ID

Tizer along with a few fellow ID crew members came to paint a wall in Birmingham, After only an hours sleep the night before Tizer rocked a a burner and still managed to fit in a chrome before the journey home.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Ziner NFA

For the first of our second series Ziner NFA has set the bar high with a roadside/trackside. For a bit of a hot one Ziner gave us a taste of how he gets about so much around the UK


<p><a href=”″>Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Ziner NFA</a> from <a href=””>Keyseventeen</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Chrome Edition Series 2 is back 01.09.13

That’s right we’re back with Series 2 – get ready for the launch this Sunday…

20130830-042623 PM.jpg

20130830-042722 PM.jpg

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Lewse

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Lewse from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

On this episode we caught up with Lews, taking us round a derelict warehouse/ trackside location. Showing us how to litterly get up and higher than the rest.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Wisk

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Wisk from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

This week Wisk brought a canal side to the video with a time slot between police passing twice in half an hour Wisk managed to chance quiet a busy Chrome Edition.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Rask

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Rask from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

For episode 23 we got hold of Rask an abbreviation of the tag Raskal he’s wrote for over 20 years. Rask took us on a Stealth Farmer Giles style Chrome Edition getting amongst Cows, Horses and Peacocks

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Tarki

Tarki rose to fame in 2003 after becoming Birmingham’s most wanted when he destroyed the city with his huge fat cap tags

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Tarki from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Some NHS

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Some NHS from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

For the 21st edition we caught up with Some, by Some canals, next to some tracks, in Some city, in Some stone Island with Some style!

Keyseventeen Chrome Edition X Korsa DDS FKS

Key Seventeen x Korsa DDS FKS from Keyseventeen on Vimeo.

Here it is, number 20. For this 1 Birmingham’s most prolific and consistent hard hitter since 1989 let us into a day of his life taking us into the grimy suburbs of Brum town.