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Lisboa Graffiti

Some great flicks sent in by our friends in Lisboa, featuring some of the worlds biggest hard hitters 1up crew, sponsored by Nikey, to make love to the girls…

984094_127644567437422_1477194065_n 983903_127727250762487_675288393_n 944362_127645114104034_121955500_n 943271_127646597437219_861024943_n 984292_127651424103403_407710301_n 432199_127644830770729_1323976955_n 479762_127645414104004_2077159599_n 481846_127726377429241_799481901_n 923161_127648120770400_102837274_n 936329_127733300761882_288250549_n 308442_127645287437350_1519149746_n 375001_127733764095169_539431063_n 420210_127725877429291_548519985_n 420301_127644237437455_1187242120_n 264542_127647997437079_121036482_n 308407_127679230767289_891754885_n 308165_127734460761766_1547912701_n 300922_127645657437313_1083378358_n 294956_127645727437306_1413213972_n 293023_127733497428529_348053563_n 379667_127726650762547_642268764_n 944295_127644120770800_199884937_n

Things we’ve received the past week

20130914-035904 PM.jpg

20130914-035919 PM.jpg

20130914-035939 PM.jpg

20130914-035954 PM.jpg

20130914-040009 PM.jpg

20130914-040029 PM.jpg

20130914-040039 PM.jpg

20130914-040044 PM.jpg

20130914-040052 PM.jpg

20130914-040111 PM.jpg

20130914-040120 PM.jpg

20130914-040130 PM.jpg

20130914-040139 PM.jpg

Inbox job

20130912-123627 PM.jpg

20130912-123633 PM.jpg

20130912-123638 PM.jpg

20130912-123643 PM.jpg

20130912-123648 PM.jpg

Had an email from the Beanie McChimps team asking to spread some love with there blog… Some great flicks over there worth checking out for sure.

20130903-021942 PM.jpg

20130903-021948 PM.jpg

20130903-021954 PM.jpg

20130903-021959 PM.jpg

20130903-022004 PM.jpg

20130903-022012 PM.jpg

20130903-022019 PM.jpg

20130903-022024 PM.jpg

20130903-022028 PM.jpg

20130903-022032 PM.jpg

20130903-022036 PM.jpg

20130903-022040 PM.jpg

20130903-022044 PM.jpg

20130903-022049 PM.jpg

20130903-022053 PM.jpg

20130903-022112 PM.jpg

20130903-022120 PM.jpg

20130903-022127 PM.jpg

20130903-022131 PM.jpg

20130903-022135 PM.jpg

20130903-022139 PM.jpg

20130903-022146 PM.jpg

20130903-022150 PM.jpg

20130903-022156 PM.jpg

20130903-022201 PM.jpg

20130903-022205 PM.jpg

More from the Inbox

Another load of good photos, various senders but thank you! Anybody else that wishes to send photos get them in at

20130903-113019 AM.jpg

20130903-113026 AM.jpg

20130903-113049 AM.jpg

20130903-113101 AM.jpg

20130903-113111 AM.jpg

20130903-113128 AM.jpg

20130903-113135 AM.jpg

20130903-113148 AM.jpg

20130903-113200 AM.jpg

20130903-113205 AM.jpg

20130903-113223 AM.jpg

20130903-113231 AM.jpg

20130903-113244 AM.jpg

20130903-113251 AM.jpg

20130903-113307 AM.jpg

20130903-113316 AM.jpg

20130903-113331 AM.jpg

From the Inbox

Some nice flicks from a friend of the blog, anybody else that fancies emailing in photos get them into

20130903-082532 AM.jpg

20130903-082537 AM.jpg

20130903-082541 AM.jpg

20130903-082547 AM.jpg

20130903-082552 AM.jpg

20130903-082602 AM.jpg

20130903-082607 AM.jpg

From the inbox – Pleb

From the Inbox some damage photos from Pleb…

20130828-015844 PM.jpg

20130828-015849 PM.jpg

20130828-015855 PM.jpg

20130828-015900 PM.jpg

20130828-015905 PM.jpg

20130828-015911 PM.jpg

20130828-015915 PM.jpg

20130828-015920 PM.jpg

20130828-015924 PM.jpg

20130828-015930 PM.jpg

20130828-015936 PM.jpg

20130828-015941 PM.jpg

20130828-015945 PM.jpg

20130828-015950 PM.jpg


20130730-090510 PM.jpg

20130730-090515 PM.jpg

20130730-090519 PM.jpg

Amoe – Cardiff from the inbox

So our boy Amoe sent in some photos yesterday if his recent flicks… Anybody else that wants to send in photos email them to

20130725-075516 AM.jpg

20130725-075522 AM.jpg

20130725-075535 AM.jpg

20130725-075545 AM.jpg

20130725-075553 AM.jpg

20130725-075559 AM.jpg

20130725-075605 AM.jpg

Super & Orale

A fews flicks from the gruesome twosome.

20130713-033534 PM.jpg

20130713-033557 PM.jpg

20130713-033605 PM.jpg

20130713-033612 PM.jpg

20130713-033619 PM.jpg

20130713-033626 PM.jpg

20130713-033632 PM.jpg

20130713-033639 PM.jpg

20130713-033658 PM.jpg

Mens FT – from the inbox

20130703-125110 PM.jpg

20130703-125120 PM.jpg

20130703-125134 PM.jpg

20130703-125149 PM.jpg

20130703-125201 PM.jpg

20130703-125211 PM.jpg

20130703-125309 PM.jpg

20130703-125341 PM.jpg

Man of the moment Inbox

By Korsa for Owed LB

20130607-094430 PM.jpg

From the inbox

20130606-084021 PM.jpg

20130606-084026 PM.jpg

20130606-084031 PM.jpg

20130606-084036 PM.jpg

20130606-084042 PM.jpg

20130606-084047 PM.jpg

20130606-084052 PM.jpg

From the inbox

20130416-041821 PM.jpg

20130416-041836 PM.jpg

20130416-041856 PM.jpg


Some nice stuff from News….

Anybody else wishing to send in flicks get them into

20130315-041038 PM.jpg

20130315-041108 PM.jpg

20130315-041552 PM.jpg


Our boy polar has been busy! Nice one for the shout…

20130308-080029 AM.jpg

20130308-080108 AM.jpg

20130308-080124 AM.jpg

20130308-080145 AM.jpg

20130308-080138 AM.jpg

Napoli Steel pt 3

Here’s some more photos taken by Timo…






From the Inbox – Wisk

Here’s some nice dub steez by mr Wisk


Anybody that also wanta to send anymore photo’s to us, get them to


Our Greek connections in Athens…

Are back again….



The scene in Preston – inbox

Had an email from Ozem the other day mentioning similar issues I had years ago in my hometown.



“All photo’s attached are from the scene up north, Preston. there hasn’t been much of a bombing scene up here since the late 80′s 90′s
but in the last 2 years, especially last year we gained 5 writers. haha may sound small but when your the only bomber in a small city it make a big difference ‘all thanks to Rizo who’s done a lot for it’.


This is just the start of a scene that’s been dead here for a while. Hopefully we can change that over the next few years. “




nice one for the flicks though, hope all works out, anyone Preston way link the man up!