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RIP King Robbo

Roll on the weekend…

Have a good bank holiday…





Quattro Cappuccini

Quattro Cappuccini from Quattro Cappuccini on Vimeo.


KCBR – Live Life Like from iGhetto on Vimeo.

Nice video by KCBR with the involvement of eggs up a train haha

Not so legal eagle…

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I’m sure you’ve already seen it but Boris the very good guy and The Grifters have finally released the part one of 1up link up they’ve filmed. Def worth 15 minutes of your time as these boys hit it hard!


IMG_9925 IMG_9923 IMG_9914 IMG_9912 IMG_9908 IMG_9906

More bits from Barcelona




















and it goes a little something like this…

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The Athens Mobsters

Our friends from Athens are currently about to release they’re first movie.

Featuring many various citys from they’re travels ‘TAM’ have told us…

‘One new Greek graffiti movie with actions from Athens subway, metro, commuters and also Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Hamburg, Lille, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rotterdam, Sofia, Vien­na…’


Taps Banos Moses

Great photo by Lee102

20130902-051048 PM.jpg


ZUGZWANG ZWEI – TRAILER from Maria Jesus on Vimeo.

Good looking DVD out now available from TheBench504 and HQLeicester…

On more bad news – Free Rico

Seems to be happening every couple of weeks a writer getting sent down. Also another writer being sent down for nearly twice as long as that Nonce of a Rapist from SkySports.

Found HERE

A serial vandal was jailed yesterday for a graffiti spree on trains which caused damage worth £60,000.

Tomasz Haluszczak, 26, of Hook Road, Epsom, was jailed for 27 months after being found guilty of 14 counts of criminal damage caused by graffiti.

Blackfriars Crown Court heard Haluszczak tagged trains with RICO, OCIR and COIR across London, the South East and West Midlands.

He was finally arrested after two security staff spotted him near a train yard fence at Epsom station on September 6, 2011.

Police caught him emerging from bushes with tins of spray paint in his backpack.

Officers later seized graffiti paraphernalia, including spray cans, ink markers and high-visibility jackets, from his home as part of a British Transport Police investigation.

He targeted Coventry, Chessington South, Horsham and Cannon Street stations among other locations.

Graffiti attacks were carried out in Epsom between November and December 2010.

The jury unanimously convicted Haluszczak and he was sentenced to 27 months in custody for each of 14 counts to run concurrently.

Judge Daniel Worsley said: “You have shown no remorse, it was self-indulgent and you have caused huge disruption.

“It was deliberate and well-planned, it was an anarchic attack on the community and you have lied and kept on lying in the face of overwhelming evidence.”

Detective Sergeant Paddy Kerr said: “Haluszczak has been a prolific vandal over a number of years and the court imposed a substantial custodial sentence on a man who has consistently shown no regard for the law, for private property, or for those who ultimately have to pay for the cost of cleaning up his graffiti.

“Vandals like Haluszczak cause huge disruption to passengers and train companies with the damage they cause and we will always seek to prosecute anyone who commits such crime.

“This sentence should act as a deterrent to anyone thinking about copying his actions.

“Graffiti vandals who go near tracks also put themselves at serious risk of harm as they don’t know if a train is coming or if tracks are live – it’s an incredibly selfish risk to take.”

Vagabonds & Vandals – Rough Sleepers

Rough Sleeper from Vagabonds & Vandals on Vimeo.

Rough Sleeper
from Vagabonds & Vandals – Abel the star, Vagabonds & Vandals the cutting edge film makers worth taking a look if you haven’t seen it already….

The Grifters – Fuck Being Polite

GRIFTERS CODE 5: Fuck Being Polite from Teh Grifters on Vimeo.

Grifters website
Another great video by the grifters featuring Utah Ether and the funny man himself Boris!

20130430-073410 PM.jpg

20130430-073416 PM.jpg

Mae Klong Market

And you’ve got folk screwing about a high speed line between London and Birmingham…

Harlem Shake Paris Metro Style

This is how you do a Harlem Shake

Naples Inter-railers

So we’ve received a banging email from Timo again, sharing more of his runners he’s caught by people visiting the city. Here’s what he had to say…

    Napoli part 2

During my years benching in Napoli, I have seen panels by most of the well known train writers from all over the world, many of them seemed to have stopped off here and painted steel at some point. There have been 3 main lines for benching, they are the Circumvesuviana, the Cumana, and the Line 2 metro. All have been bombed to some degree and it seems to change over different time periods as to which is most hit.
Here is a good selection of interrailers panels I have been lucky enough to capture.

20130313-045512 PM.jpg

20130313-045527 PM.jpg

20130313-045533 PM.jpg

20130313-045539 PM.jpg

20130313-045544 PM.jpg

20130313-045549 PM.jpg

20130313-045555 PM.jpg

20130313-045603 PM.jpg

20130313-045634 PM.jpg

20130313-045642 PM.jpg

20130313-045649 PM.jpg

20130313-045655 PM.jpg

20130313-045733 PM.jpg

20130313-045739 PM.jpg

20130313-045757 PM.jpg

20130313-045813 PM.jpg

20130313-045832 PM.jpg

20130313-045846 PM.jpg

20130313-045903 PM.jpg

20130313-045956 PM.jpg

20130313-050007 PM.jpg

20130313-050023 PM.jpg

20130313-050034 PM.jpg

20130313-050044 PM.jpg

20130313-050050 PM.jpg

20130313-050058 PM.jpg

20130313-050110 PM.jpg

20130313-050148 PM.jpg

20130313-050200 PM.jpg

20130313-050211 PM.jpg

20130313-050223 PM.jpg

20130313-050232 PM.jpg

20130313-050251 PM.jpg

20130313-050259 PM.jpg

20130313-050325 PM.jpg

20130313-050351 PM.jpg

20130313-050402 PM.jpg

20130313-050522 PM.jpg

20130313-050544 PM.jpg

20130313-050604 PM.jpg

20130313-050619 PM.jpg

20130313-050649 PM.jpg

20130313-050707 PM.jpg

20130313-050718 PM.jpg

20130313-050810 PM.jpg

20130313-050829 PM.jpg

20130313-051113 PM.jpg

Italian runners

Our close friend Ecas has taken a trip to Italy and with him he took he’s 0.4 megapixel camera…

20130307-085441 PM.jpg

20130307-085501 PM.jpg

20130307-085510 PM.jpg