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System Tumours 2!

The ‘One year wonders’ are back and doing what they do best! this time with even better footage, more laughs and more damage!

If you were unfortunate enough to miss the first System Tumours, you will be able to grab it again in December!  

Fiveo archives, London Kiss Smooth Grooves 2002 #800813S

When I was visiting from Hawaii after a major cartel bust, I flew over to England for a break in 2002. I come across these filthy acts of vandalism;

smashed Floor smashed smashed1 duplo.vans dupe fats

Five of the best – Delete08

Planning weddings, and being very busy at work, is playing havok with my spare time, so updating blogs etc and getting out and about has been a rare event recently, hence the lack of activity from my end on here recently, so apologies.  So with a spare hour on my hands, I’ve have time to address the balance somewhat. Here’s the latest offering from our feature about graffiti photographers called Five Of The Best. Recently we chatted with Delete08.

Name: Delete
Location: London based but getting out to France, USA, Spain, Italy as often as I can afford it.

Funeral - Portland Oregon

Years snapping graff: Been taking pictures on and off since the mid-80’s but took a very long break until decent affordable digital cameras started to appear on the market around 2005 and then haven’t had a day off since! Started posting to Flickr in 2008 (which is why some people call me Delete08). I’m particularly interested in tracksides, edgelands and the out of reach plots that push you to climb one just more wall – and then just one more – to get the shot you want. I love the way graffiti can take you to places in the middle of a crowded city that very few people even realise exist.

LG - Hackney London

Equipment: I take most of my pictures with an old Panasonic G1. It’s small and light enough so it doesn’t get in the way when climbing fences and in the dark it just seems to suck the light in. But as the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have with you – so sometimes it’s my phone.

Snoe Seks Skya - East London

When I looked back through my pictures to chose these I realised that pretty much 99% of the graff in them is gone now – even stuff I shot last week has either been buffed, dogged or burned – and that is one of the reasons I do this. I think it’s vital that walls are constantly changing but at the same time it’s great to have a record somewhere of all all that skill and creativity (and sometimes just the bottle).

Metro - Bordeaux France

Stage2 - Ilford London

Here’s some links to his work:
http://deletism.tumblr.comAny links to your work

Five of the best – NoLionsInEngland

For the next installment of FOTB we caught up with NoLionsInEngland. He shares a few of his best pics of London life and what motivates him to take pictures of graffiti. I find that the best graffiti photographers are akin to the best writers, that being that they are very aloof, and have no interest in viewing-figures on flickr etc, only in creating a good piece/picture for their piers to enjoy. Anyway, enough of my bullshit, here’s the interview.

Name: NoLionsInEngland, it comes from the tune of the same name by Ian Brown.


Yeah, I wouldn’t describe these as my top 5 shots, just 5 shots that I like. Pref and Roids are next-level-but-one writers but there were loads of other writers that I wanted to give props to. I chose the Prefs shot as a kind of RIP to The Pit and I liked the greyscale effect of the Roids shot. Apart from being a nice reflection, I like the “virgin wall” element in the Hekla shot. The tube door shots have this great etching colour but also have that link to trains. Although I’ve lived in London for more or less 30 years I have always cycled everywhere and completely missed the heyday of running steel. Reno’s tree trunk carving was the first pic that came up in my 2011 tags folder, I love the way the tag has matured over time and the colours in the bark were gorgeous. The Undercroft shot just had an interesting dynamic, combining the graff clutter with motion of the ghostly cyclist. I found those shots a bit more interesting than the huge number of tight cropped, so safe HOF pieces. I still ended up missing rooftop shots, night time shots, vans and a hell of a lot more. It was fun to have to think for a few hours about picking 5 strong photos.

Location base, and locations travelled to for pics(worldwide). I live in West London, not too far from Trellick Tower and The Pit. Most of my photography is done in the Shoreditch area or anywhere that I am easily able to cycle to on my way to or from work. With busy work and family acitivites, photography as a hobby has to fit in around whatever free time I find and where I find it. That generally means lunch breaks a couple of times a week in Shoreditch, which of course is hardly graff central. I travel a lot for work, mainly to Greece but the routine of going to offices, staying in hotels and not actually having any slack time there means that opportunities to photograph anything other than passing shit while hanging out the window of a taxi is very limited. Maybe once a year I get a few hours to explore and put together an Athens photoset. You should have heard the groans from the family when we were on holiday in West Ireland last Summer and after driving 50 miles to another town I confessed “Actually……there’s just this one wall I want to find.” (http://graffoto1.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/phlegm-in-bantry-ireland.html).


Years snapping graff. I started photographing street art in about 2005 but it wasn’t until 2008 when graff took over Leake St that I got passionate about photographing graffiti. Graff culture is far richer and more interesting than that surrounding street art. While my photographer’s eye helped me readily appreciate can control, form, flow, fill and the intangible elements that make up great pieces, I’ll put my hand up and say that I am not the World’s most skilled reader of wild burners. Although I love the full gamut of graff from tags to burners, give me an illegal rooftop dub over a HOF piece any day.


Equipment used: Nikon D90 SLR, 18-105mm lens, Lumix TZ8 for travel or second camera on a “shoot”, Diana F+/Fisheye II (my daughter’s cameras which I steal from time to time though I then have to pay her development and printing costs!), Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod with 322RC2 head, Phottix TC-501 interval meter for rare timelapse missions.


Any links to your work: There is no link to my work at all, graff photography and writing is my release from work, my therapy.

RENOMany thanks to NoLionsInEngland for taking part. If you do want to see more of his pics, search him out on Flickr.


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Five of the best – Lee102

Another of London’s top graffiti snappers is Lee102. Quiet and unassuming, his knowledge of the London graffiti scene is extensive after a decade of following the trail around the city for the best graffiti, throwies and dubs he can find. He always has the first pics from any of the numerous city spots.

Name: Lee102

Location: London

Locations traveled: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Rep, Hungary, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA (in 2 weeks) 

Years snapping graff: 10

Equipment used: My trusty Nikon D40 with various lenses

7528667832_80e2d975f2_o 7080092009_3a92be1aa6_o 5957186483_04255367cc_o 5665354291_b76ef4535f_o VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Here’s some useful links to his works: